In 2008, Mr Tan Kwang Hwee donated $100,000 to assist Public Free Clinic Society (“PFCS”) in setting up the Home TCM Treatment Medical Funds. In the same year, Mr Lim Chin Huat also contributed $60,000 to PFCS for the purchase of a Home TCM Treatment Van.

The Home TCM Treatment team comprising of professional TCM Physicians, Dispensary cum Registration Clerks and Drivers, divided into 12 sessions per week travelling to various estates in Singapore. Providing medical services and treatment to pre-organised patients.

At the same time, PFCS also provided free medical treatment to poor elderly from the Seniors Activity Centres, Nursing Homes and Family Service Centres, in this way helping to satisfy needs of such patients. Anyone who requires Home TCM Treatment (HTT), please download the relevant application form listed below and submit to us.

Download Forms:

  1. Download Application Form for <Home TCM Treatment>
  2. Download Application Form for <Waiver of Home TCM Treatment Fee>